AEsthetica Cosmetics Contour Kit
AEsthetica Contour Kit

AEsthetica Cosmetics Contour Kit

Includes Step-by-Step Instructions

AEsthetica Cosmetics Contour Kit provides all the tools you need to highlight the natural beauty of your face, while downplaying your problem areas. The art of applying makeup requires more than just the basics. The technique of contouring and highlighting is all the rage in today's makeup industry. After all, everyone wants the airbrushed look that comes along with properly applied contour makeup. AEsthetica Cosmetics provides you with a comprehensive guide that will help you master contouring and highlighting your makeup like a true professional.

The AEsthetica Cosmetics Contour kit includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions with every kit! You can transform your face into a flawless masterpiece, even if you are a new or never tried contouring. In fact, if you have ever wanted to try a contouring kit, but have been intimated or fearful of the end results - there is no need to fear any longer! The instructions within every AEsthetica Contour Kit "holds your hand" as you transform your makeup; ensuring you do every step exactly in the right order to achieve your desired look. Within the instruction booklet, there are many helpful tips, one of which is the facial shape diagram. Through this diagram, we show you how to properly use the contouring and highlighting makeup as it pertains to YOUR facial shape. In addition, if you are unsure what your face type is, the diagram will help you identify your facial shape, enabling you to master contouring for your specific facial type. Each face diagram shows you EXACTLY where to to apply the contour and highlight shades according to your facial shape!

Why the AEsthetica Cosmetics Contour Kit?

The AEsthetica Cosmetics Contour kit was designed by an everyday girl FOR everyday girls. The passion behind this product is to give every woman the opportunity to own and use beautiful, high-quality makeup; without spending a fortune! The ingredients within the makeup prove that you are our number one priority. We want to provide you with a high-end product that does does NOT contain any Talc or Parabens, and is 100 percent vegan and cruelty free! As a result, unlike most economy makeup kits, the AEsthetica Contour Kit doesn't include any harmful substances and is made with only the best ingredients.

The AEsthetica Contour Kit is formulated to match almost every skin tone. If you are unsure of exactly what shade would look best on your skin tone, this kit has you covered! The shades are designed to be mixed and matched, in order to create the perfect shade for you. AEsthetica is excited to announce that in addition to the many shades already offered, they are working on a new Contour Kit specifically formulated for tan or dark skin. The release of this new Contour Kit further communicates the desire of AEesthica to cater to "every woman!"

Features & Benefits

Step-By-Step Instructions - Each kit contains detailed, step-by-step instructions so you can contour like a pro every time!
Easy to Identify Diagrams - We included Face Diagrams with each Kit so you know exactly where to apply your contour and highlight according to your face shape!
Made with High Quality Ingredients - The AEsthetica contour kit does not contain Paraben or Talc like most contour kits on the market! Our contour kit was created without the use of harmful products.
Enhance your Best Features - The AEsthetica Contour kit helps make faces look more chiseled and structured without making your makeup look overly dramatic or caked on.
Time saver - Perfect for those who do not want to spend a lot of time or money on their makeup routine each day. Start to finish contouring in less than 10 minutes!
Affordable - Perfect for any woman who doesn't want to invest a fortune on makeup. Everything you need to contour in one small package (mirror included).
Great for Every Day, Evening or Special Occasions - The AEsthetica Contour Kit is appropriate for daytime wear as well as getting dolled up for a night on the town and your special occasions!
Cruelty Free and Vegan - The AEsthetica Contour Kit is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free!
Great for Most Skin Tones - The AEsthetica Contour kit great for women of virtually every skin tone and every skin type. Darker and Tan Skin tones coming soon!

The six pressed powders in the AEsthetica Contouring Kit are used to enhance your natural beauty. Darker contour shades define features while lighter highlighting shades enhance the eyes, cheekbones, nose, and jawline. An included step-by-step guide details how to contour and highlight like a professional makeup artist. Video tutorials and instructions are available on our website.

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AEsthetica Contour Kit

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